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夏の思い出 2013

1. I and my son visited my English fellow running a dog-cafe. Of course, we took our lovely "Mame".
We enjoyed her home-made sausages and sandwiches.
Mame ran and ran to his heart's content on that day.


2. We went to see a Fireworks festival for the first time. Fabulous!!


3. During my hubby and son's trip, I and my daughter enjoyed staying at home.
We made supper, took a walk with "Mame" in the evening and chatted.
She said, "I want them to go out several times in a year, really."
We also went out to eat pancakes.

4. We had a BBQ party with our friends.
After eating and drinking, one of them suddenly suggested, "Why don't we take pictures?"
To tell the truth, he wanted to have photos taken..with his wife. So cute....
Then, we took pictures in couples.
We are all 40's and 50's, but we felt shy like teenagers in front of the camera. Haha!

5. I'd never imagined that dogs are soooo hairly!!


6. My English fellow in NYC sends us a monthly mail magazine. In his latest issue,
He wrote about the Statue of Liberty, MoMa, the Central Park and so on.
The most impressive photo for me is the screen of the television.
It shows the temperatures in some districts in the US. They are over 100!!
(Needless to say, it is "Fahrenheit", though ...)

The summer vacation has come to an end....


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My daughter and I wanted to visit a dog cafe with our dog but we couldn't. I think I can picture Mame was frolicing around!

Shedding problems...I've been there,Pippi san!
I guess all animals shed,even us humans.
That said,my dog was one of the "double-coated "breeds with an undercoat.So he would shed to a surprising extent.
Is Mame surviving in a hot summer over there?
Dogs ( perhaps another pets as well ) need extra care in summer,don't they? Howeve, the pleasure of having a dog outweighs those hassles.

I'm happy for you that you spent quality time with your daughter.
I really enjoy going out for shopping or a cup of coffee with my grown-up daughter. Mother-daughter relationships could be complex,but I feel happy having such time with my girl. I often say to her,"If you were a boy,we would end up with an extra-large bowl of gyudon instead of a fancy tart."

I missed the local fireworks display this year. Thank you for sharing a beautiful photo.


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   あっというまに、9月になりましたー ギャー
   花火大会 よかったですね! 綺麗です。

   あ~ もう鈴虫が鳴いている~

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Thank you for your English comment! I'm so pleased!
You told me new words, for example, "frolic", "shedding problems" and so on.

> 英語で書いてあるので、コメント日本語でしにくくて・・・。間違いは笑って許して(^_^;)

That's my word! ネイティブチェックなしなのに~と思いつつアップしました。こういうのをサラッと書けたらいいなーと思いつつ。ポリアンナさんは書き慣れてらっしゃるように思いますが、英文を書く機会というのはしばしばありますか?

まめの抜け毛は今日はだいぶおさまりました(^_^;) セーターができるんじゃないかと思ったほどです。

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Re: No title


ブログを拝見するたび、ガシガシ洋書を読まれていて圧倒されます。もうすぐ World History 読了しますんで、その時はお知らせします。(どんだけ時間かけとるんかい!!って話ですが)

>    うちのほうは、はじまる10分前にゴロゴロ雷が! そのあと、ゲリラ豪雨!危険なため1発も打ち上     げず中止。

>    あ~ もう鈴虫が鳴いている~


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Re: No title


> frolicにingが付くとkが入りfrolickingでした~<m(__)m>

ありがとうございます♪ 人に教えてもらうと、単語って残りますね!cで終わる動詞って珍しいですね。

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